August 2007/US Gov State and Territorial

FirstNebraska State Gained31
LastWest Virginia State Fallen16
Up 16Alabama State Same7
Down 11Tennessee State New0
Top 5Bottom 5ClimbersFallers
Nebraska State
Federated States of Micronesia
California State
Massachusetts State
Michigan State
Maryland State
Minnesota State
Virginia State
Puerto Rico
West Virginia State
Alabama State (+16)
Michigan State (+9)
New Mexico State (+8)
Massachusetts State (+8)
Hawaii State (+7)
Georgia State (-6)
Delaware State (-6)
Washington State (-7)
Puerto Rico (-9)
Tennessee State (-11)
Response timesAccessibility ratings
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Organisation Avg. Response
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Organisation A AA
Missouri State0.0099.20
Arkansas State0.00100.00
California State0.00100.00
Federated States of ​Micronesia0.00100.00
Florida State0.00100.00
Idaho State0.00100.00
Iowa State0.00100.00
Minnesota State0.00100.00
Nebraska State0.00100.00
Pennsylvania State0.00100.00
Texas State0.00100.00
North Dakota State0.7986.51
Montana State0.79100.00
Rhode Island State0.80100.00
Washington State0.80100.00
Maine State1.5999.21
Indiana State1.60100.00
Kentucky State1.60100.00
Wisconsin State1.60100.00
Ohio State2.04100.00
Virginia State2.33100.00
New Jersey State2.36100.00
Georgia State3.12100.00
Delaware State3.17100.00
North Carolina State​3.85100.00
Arizona State3.97100.00
Connecticut State4.76100.00
Tennessee State7.2099.20
Massachusetts State7.94100.00
Michigan State8.00100.00
New Hampshire State11.90100.00
New Mexico State14.96100.00
Utah State17.60100.00
Oregon State34.92100.00
South Dakota State38.40100.00
Alaska State40.80100.00
Wyoming State51.69100.00
District of Columbia​ (D.C.)55.56100.00
Hawaii State59.3899.22
Puerto Rico61.60100.00
Illinois State62.40100.00
Kansas State79.20100.00
Maryland State80.95100.00
Colorado State84.00100.00
Oklahoma State84.25100.00
Nevada State93.33100.00
Louisiana State96.15100.00
Alabama State96.8099.20
Vermont State98.86100.00
New York State99.20100.00
American Samoa Gover​nment99.21100.00
Northern Mariana Isl​ands100.00100.00
West Virginia State100.00100.00