March 2008/UK Retail Banks

FirstJulian Hodge Bank Group Gained32
LastInvestec Bank Fallen29
Up 35ING Direct Same10
Down 27Royal Bank of Scotland New0
Top 5Bottom 5ClimbersFallers
Julian Hodge Bank Group
Bradford & Bingley
Cheshire Building Society
Leeds Building Society
Coutts Private banking
Marks & Spencer Money
Coventry Building Society
Dunfermline Building Society
Investec Bank
ING Direct (+35)
Lloyds TSB (+23)
Bank of Ireland Northern Ireland (+13)
northern rock (+11)
Nationwide Building Society (+10)
Co-operative Bank (-13)
Derbyshire Building Society (-14)
cahoot (-18)
First Trust Bank (-20)
Royal Bank of Scotland (-27)
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Organisation Avg. Response
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Organisation A AA
Julian Hodge Bank Gr​oup0.000.00
Intelligent Finance0.000.78
Ecology Building Soc​iety0.002.41
Liverpool Victoria0.0049.61
Cheshire Building So​ciety0.0056.35
Skipton Building Soc​iety0.0096.12
Scarborough Building​ Society0.0099.20
Bank of Ireland0.00100.00
British Bankers' Association0.00100.00
Furness Building Soc​iety0.00100.00
HFC Bank0.00100.00
Leeds Building Socie​ty0.00100.00
Lloyds TSB0.00100.00
Royal Bank of Scotla​nd0.00100.00
Stroud &​ Swindon Building So​ciety 0.00100.00
Tesco Personal Finan​ce0.00100.00
Ulster Bank0.00100.00
first direct0.00100.00
Alliance &​ Leicester Commercia​l Bank0.78100.00
Unity Trust Bank0.78100.00
Coutts Private banki​ng0.79100.00
Nationwide Building ​Society0.79100.00
Portman Building Soc​iety0.79100.00
northern rock0.8043.20
Principality Buildin​g Society1.55100.00
The Melton Mowbray B​uilding Society1.60100.00
Bank of Ireland Nort​hern Ireland2.4088.00
The AA2.40100.00
Dunfermline Building​ Society3.15100.00
Laiki Group3.15100.00
Bradford &​ Bingley4.0015.20
Alliance &​ Leicester4.80100.00
Britannia Building S​ociety6.40100.00
Standard Life6.40100.00
Marks &​ Spencer Money6.98100.00
First Trust Bank7.03100.00
Co-operative Bank8.7397.62
Bank Of Scotland8.80100.00
AIB - Ireland9.4599.21
Norwich and Peterbor​ough Building Societ​y11.11100.00
Yorkshire Bank11.20100.00
ING Direct11.90100.00
Clydesdale Bank12.50100.00
Halifax Online15.20100.00
Newcastle Building S​ociety17.32100.00
Direct Line22.40100.00
Leek United Building​ Society24.10100.00
Derbyshire Building ​Society27.78100.00
Bank Of Cyprus29.73100.00
Prudential UK30.40100.00
Financial Services A​uthority36.0052.00
Investec Bank43.75100.00
HSBC Bank plc44.19100.00
Nottingham Building ​Society53.60100.00
The Loughborough Bui​lding Society80.58100.00
Coventry Building So​ciety81.10100.00
Sainsbury's Bank87.30100.00
Cater Allen Private ​Bank88.80100.00
Citibank UK93.60100.00
Northern Bank95.31100.00
Islamic Bank of Brit​ain96.80100.00
Bank of England99.20100.00
Arbuthnot Banking Gr​oup100.00100.00
Secure Trust Bank100.00100.00