October 2008/UK Police Forces

Failing A & AA on every page

  • Gloucestershire Constabulary
  • Police Service of Northern Ireland

Excluded from index

  • Non-Emergency Crime

Index facts

Sites tested: 27 Oct 2008
Total URLs tested: 28,982
Total tests run: 9,441,068
Total number of PDF's: 843
URLs failing functional tests: 7.79
Pages failing code standards: 65.70
Pages missing a title: 0.62
Pages failing accessibility level A: 20.17
Pages failing accessibility level AA: 89.93
Poorest code quality: Kent Police (http://www.kent.police.uk/) - 9,396 failures
Fastest overall average response time: Serious Organised Crime Agency (http://www.soca.gov.uk/)

PDF testing

Sitemorse performs twenty eight checks on PDF documents as part of our website benchmarking to ensure users do not experience problems such as broken links, or failing email addresses - we are also the first to test the accessibility compliance of PDF's.

19.7% of checked PDF's passed accessibility tests

Top ten functional failures

file/url/offtop 44.28%
file/url/badpath 11.87%
url/fetch/notfound 10.80%
file/html/longmeta 9.11%
file/html/badmeta 5.45%
url/fetch/badcookie 5.12%
url/fetch/noaddr 4.25%
url/mail/badsmtp 1.72%
url/fetch/exception 1.23%
url/fetch/connref 1.17%

Top ten code quality failures

file/html/badvalue 24.58%
file/html/badentity 18.56%
file/html/unknownentity 17.57%
file/html/tagnotallowed 12.54%
file/html/closingunopened 6.76%
file/html/missingclose 6.33%
file/html/unknowntag 6.06%
file/html/badattr 4.17%
url/fetch/moved 1.04%
file/html/repeatedattr 0.81%