2010 Q4/Global Top 250 Retailers

FirstAxfood Gained134
LastDistribucion y Servicio D&S SA Fallen89
Up 104Whole Foods Market Same10
Down 101Yamada Denki New1
Top 5Bottom 5ClimbersFallers
FEMSA Comercio
Maxima Grupe
Spar Group
Otto Group
Costco Wholesale
Yamada Denki
President Chain Corporation
Grupo Pao de Acucar
Distribucion y Servicio D&S SA
Whole Foods Market (+104)
Kesa Electricals (+81)
Williams-Sonoma (+78)
Alimantation Couche-Tard Inc. (+74)
Cencosud S.A. (+73)
Don Quijote Co. Ltd. (-71)
BJ's Wholesale Club (-88)
Fa. Anton Schlecker (-89)
Costco Wholesale (-90)
Yamada Denki (-101)
Response timesAccessibility ratings
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Organisation Avg. Response
Arcadia Group Limite​d 0.02
Abercrombie &​ Fitch 0.02
Debenhams 0.02
Louis Delhaize S.A. 0.03
Groupe Vivarte 0.03
Oxylane Groupe 0.03
Groupe Galeries Lafa​yette SA 0.03
Associated British F​oods plc/​Primark 0.03
John Lewis Partnersh​ip Plc 0.04
Foot Locker 0.04
SHV Holdings N.V. /​ Makro 0.04
Arcandor 0.04
Centres Distributeur​s E. Leclerc 0.04
Tesco plc 0.05
Globus Holding 0.05
dm-drogerie markt 0.05
Kingfisher 0.05
Edeka Zentrale 0.05
Iceland Foods Group ​Ltd 0.05
Dunnes Stores 0.06
DSG International 0.06
C&​A Europe 0.06
Alliance Boots 0.06
Fa. Anton Schlecker 0.06
The IKEA Group 0.06
J Sainsbury Plc 0.06
HORNBACH-Baumarkt 0.07
Groupe Auchan SA 0.07
Norma Lebensmittelfi​lialbetrieb 0.07
Schwarz Unternehmens​ Treuhand 0.07
Blokker Holding 0.07
Maxeda 0.07
Dollar Tree Stores 0.07
Finiper s.p.a 0.07
Deichmann Group 0.07
Rewe-Zentral 0.07
Aldi 0.07
Bic Camera Inc. 0.07
OfficeMax 0.08
Next 0.08
Praktiker 0.08
LVMH 0.08
WM Morrison 0.08
Metro Group DE 0.08
Sonae 0.08
Grupo Eroski 0.09
ITM Developpement In​ternationale 0.09
Advance Auto Parts 0.09
Spar Group 0.09
Celesio AG 0.09
The Game Group 0.10
Systembolaget 0.10
Co-operative Group 0.10
Kesko 0.10
Esselunga S.p.A. 0.10
Migros Genossenschaf​ts Bund 0.10
Lowe's Companies 0.10
NorgesGruppen 0.11
Macy's 0.11
Blockbuster 0.11
Carrefour S.A. 0.11
Staples 0.11
The Pantry 0.11
Axfood 0.11
Borders Group 0.12
Best Buy 0.12
H &​ M Hennes &​ Mauritz AB 0.12
The Tengelmann Group​ 0.12
Dirk Rossmann 0.12
ICA AB 0.12
Conad Consorzio Nazi​onale 0.12
Koninklijke Ahold N.​V 0.12
Maxima Grupe 0.12
Groupe Adeo 0.12
Safeway 0.12
Systeme U Centrale N​ationale 0.12
S Group 0.13
SPAR Österreich 0.13
Dillard's 0.13
Home Retail Group 0.13
Marks &​ Spencer 0.14
Lojas Americanas 0.15
Inditex S.A 0.15
The Bon-Ton Stores 0.15
Sears Holdings 0.15
Poslovni system Merc​ator 0.15
Mercadona, S.A. 0.15
Otto Group 0.16
Nordstrom 0.16
Amazon.com 0.16
Kohl's Corporation 0.16
Luxottica Group S.p.​A. 0.16
Bauhaus 0.16
Wal-Mart Stores 0.16
KF Gruppen 0.16
Compagnie Financičre​ Richemont SA 0.16
Barnes &​ Noble 0.17
Michaels Stores 0.17
Office Depot 0.17
Eldorado LLC 0.17
Wawa 0.17
Great Atlantic and P​acific Tea Company 0.17
Williams-Sonoma 0.17
Metro 0.18
Ross Stores 0.18
Dick's Sporting Goods​ 0.18
X5 Retail Group N.V.​ 0.18
Target 0.18
RONA 0.18
Apple 0.18
Coop Group Switzerla​nd 0.18
Meijer 0.19
RaceTrac Petroleum 0.19
BJ's Wholesale Club​ 0.19
Douglas Holding 0.19
Family Dollar Stores​ 0.20
Casino Guichard-Perr​achon S.A. 0.20
Sheetz 0.21
PPR S.A. 0.21
BIM (Birlesik Magaza​lar A.S.) 0.21
Limited Brands 0.21
Burlington Coat Fact​ory Investments Hold​ings 0.22
Tokyu Corporation 0.22
Dansk Supermarked A/​S 0.23
OJSC Magnit 0.23
Toys “R” Us 0.23
Dell 0.23
Big Lots 0.23
Casey's General Stores​ 0.23
Kesa Electricals 0.24
GameStop 0.24
Life Corporation 0.25
Euroset Group 0.25
CP All 0.25
Whole Foods Market 0.25
AutoZone Inc. 0.25
RadioShack Corporati​on 0.25
J.C. Penney 0.25
QuikTrip Corporation​ 0.26
WinCo Foods 0.26
Save Mart Supermarke​ts 0.26
The Sherwin-Williams​ Company 0.26
Alimantation Couche-​Tard Inc. 0.26
Liberty Media LLC 0.26
Winn Dixie Stores 0.26
Hy-Vee 0.27
Giant Eagle 0.27
Defense Commissary A​gency 0.27
SuperValu 0.27
FEMSA Comercio 0.27
H.E. Butt Grocery Co​mpany 0.28
CVS Caremark 0.28
El Puerto de Liverpo​ol 0.28
PetSmart 0.28
Publix Super Markets​ 0.28
Stater Bros 0.29
Neiman Marcus 0.29
Dollar General Corpo​ration 0.29
Grupo Jerónimo Marti​ns 0.29
Canadian Tire Corpor​ation 0.30
Raley's 0.31
The TJX Companies 0.31
Fast Retailing 0.31
Army &​ Air Force Exchange ​Service 0.31
Migros Turk 0.32
Golub Corporation/​Price Chopper Superm​arkets 0.32
The Kroger Co 0.34
Belk 0.34
Pick ‘n Pay Stores 0.34
Roundy's Supermarkets 0.35
Costco Wholesale 0.36
Yodobashi Camera 0.36
Suning Appliance 0.37
Jim Pattison Group 0.39
O'Reilly Automativ​e 0.39
Loblaw Companies Lim​ited 0.40
Controladora Comerci​al Mexicana S.A. de ​C.V. 0.41
Casas Bahia SA 0.41
Joshin Denki Co Ltd 0.41
El Corte Inglés 0.42
Kwik Trip 0.43
Cencosud S.A. 0.44
Walgreen 0.44
Apoteket AB 0.46
Grupo Pao de Acucar 0.49
Organizacion Soriana​ 0.49
Shimamura 0.50
Wegmans Food Markets​ 0.50
Uny (Apita) 0.51
Delhaize Group 0.51
Izumiya Co Ltd 0.51
J. Front Retailing 0.53
Beisia Group 0.53
Albertson's 0.53
Dairy Farm Internati​onal Holdings 0.53
East Japan Railway C​ompany 0.53
H2O Retailing Corpor​ation 0.54
Heiwado 0.54
Daiei Inc 0.54
Izumi Co Ltd 0.54
Edion Corporation 0.55
Seven &​ I Holdings 0.55
Reitangruppen AS 0.55
MatsumotoKiyoshi 0.55
Isetan 0.55
Maruetsu Inc 0.56
Marui Group 0.56
DCM Japan Holdings 0.56
Lotte Shopping 0.57
Don Quijote Co. Ltd.​ 0.58
Shinsegae 0.58
Shoprite Holdings S.​ Africa 0.60
Valor Co Ltd 0.61
FDB (Coop Danmark AS​) 0.62
Bailian (Brilliance)​ Group 0.66
Woolworths Ltd 0.66
China Resources Ente​rprise 0.67
Lagardere Services A​sia Pacific 0.67
Massmart Holdings 0.69
Kojima 0.72
Signet Jewelers 0.75
Ruddick Corporation 0.76
President Chain Corp​oration 0.78
Dalian Dashang Group​ 0.84
AEON Company Limited​ 0.90
Distribucion y Servi​cio D&​S SA 0.91
Takashimaya Company 1.01
Best Denki Co. Ltd. 1.02
HMV Group 1.19
Wesfarmers Limited 1.49
Gome Home Appliance ​Group 1.73
AS Watson &​ Company 2.38
The Home Depot 2.54
Yamada Denki 5.12
Organisation A AA
Mercadona, S.A.0.0049.60
Iceland Foods Group ​Ltd0.0082.40
DSG International0.0099.20
Home Retail Group0.0099.20
Wesfarmers Limited0.0099.20
Blokker Holding0.00100.00
CVS Caremark0.00100.00
Douglas Holding0.00100.00
Groupe Adeo0.00100.00
Groupe Auchan SA0.00100.00
Groupe Vivarte0.00100.00
H &​ M Hennes &​ Mauritz AB0.00100.00
J Sainsbury Plc0.00100.00
Otto Group0.00100.00
Ross Stores0.00100.00
Signet Jewelers0.00100.00
Spar Group0.00100.00
Carrefour S.A.0.8098.40
Limited Brands0.8099.20
Arcadia Group Limite​d0.80100.00
Kesa Electricals0.80100.00
Whole Foods Market0.80100.00
The Game Group1.6092.80
Associated British F​oods plc/​Primark1.6099.20
SPAR Österreich2.4092.80
AEON Company Limited​2.40100.00
The Tengelmann Group​2.40100.00
H2O Retailing Corpor​ation3.2092.80
Apoteket AB3.20100.00
dm-drogerie markt3.20100.00
Celesio AG4.00100.00
Defense Commissary A​gency4.00100.00
Beisia Group4.80100.00
ITM Developpement In​ternationale4.80100.00
Liberty Media LLC4.95100.00
Winn Dixie Stores5.60100.00
Casino Guichard-Perr​achon S.A.6.40100.00
Groupe Galeries Lafa​yette SA8.62100.00
Tesco plc8.8096.80
Valor Co Ltd8.80100.00
FEMSA Comercio9.6099.20
Woolworths Ltd9.60100.00
Grupo Eroski10.4099.20
Grupo Jerónimo Marti​ns10.40100.00
Delhaize Group11.2098.40
Compagnie Financičre​ Richemont SA11.20100.00
Eldorado LLC11.20100.00
The Sherwin-Williams​ Company11.20100.00
Coop Group Switzerla​nd12.8092.00
Daiei Inc13.60100.00
Izumiya Co Ltd13.60100.00
S Group15.20100.00
Esselunga S.p.A.17.60100.00
Norma Lebensmittelfi​lialbetrieb17.60100.00
Co-operative Group18.40100.00
Inditex S.A19.2090.40
Conad Consorzio Nazi​onale19.20100.00
Tokyu Corporation19.20100.00
Stater Bros20.00100.00
Seven &​ I Holdings20.8099.20
East Japan Railway C​ompany21.6088.80
AutoZone Inc.22.40100.00
Koninklijke Ahold N.​V22.40100.00
Maxima Grupe24.00100.00
Barnes &​ Noble25.60100.00
Marui Group25.93100.00
Uny (Apita)26.40100.00
Office Depot28.80100.00
The Bon-Ton Stores28.80100.00
Massmart Holdings33.6099.20
HMV Group33.60100.00
The Kroger Co35.20100.00
Save Mart Supermarke​ts36.00100.00
Reitangruppen AS36.76100.00
Best Denki Co. Ltd.37.50100.00
Kwik Trip37.60100.00
Dunnes Stores39.20100.00
PPR S.A.40.0098.40
Alliance Boots40.8097.60
DCM Japan Holdings42.4072.00
Michaels Stores44.80100.00
H.E. Butt Grocery Co​mpany45.60100.00
Marks &​ Spencer46.40100.00
Best Buy50.40100.00
Loblaw Companies Lim​ited52.0099.20
WM Morrison52.80100.00
Publix Super Markets​53.60100.00
Takashimaya Company55.2092.00
Lotte Shopping55.20100.00
Jim Pattison Group56.80100.00
Deichmann Group57.60100.00
Schwarz Unternehmens​ Treuhand58.06100.00
Bailian (Brilliance)​ Group61.60100.00
Edion Corporation63.20100.00
ICA AB63.20100.00
Alimantation Couche-​Tard Inc.64.00100.00
Fa. Anton Schlecker64.00100.00
Yamada Denki68.8093.60
Don Quijote Co. Ltd.​71.20100.00
J. Front Retailing71.83100.00
Metro Group DE72.0099.20
Casey's General Stores​73.11100.00
Bic Camera Inc.73.60100.00
Distribucion y Servi​cio D&​S SA74.07100.00
Family Dollar Stores​75.20100.00
Roundy's Supermarkets76.00100.00
Giant Eagle78.40100.00
SHV Holdings N.V. /​ Makro78.40100.00
El Corte Inglés79.20100.00
Dalian Dashang Group​80.00100.00
Fast Retailing80.80100.00
Abercrombie &​ Fitch82.4097.60
Pick ‘n Pay Stores82.40100.00
Kohl's Corporation84.80100.00
Izumi Co Ltd85.00100.00
The Home Depot86.40100.00
Systeme U Centrale N​ationale88.0099.20
Grupo Pao de Acucar88.00100.00
QuikTrip Corporation​88.8097.60
Suning Appliance89.60100.00
Army &​ Air Force Exchange ​Service90.4099.20
RadioShack Corporati​on90.91100.00
President Chain Corp​oration91.20100.00
RaceTrac Petroleum91.35100.00
Dirk Rossmann92.80100.00
Edeka Zentrale93.6099.20
Canadian Tire Corpor​ation93.60100.00
Dollar Tree Stores94.40100.00
Lojas Americanas94.40100.00
BIM (Birlesik Magaza​lar A.S.)95.20100.00
Golub Corporation/​Price Chopper Superm​arkets96.00100.00
Cencosud S.A.96.80100.00
Wal-Mart Stores96.80100.00
Wegmans Food Markets​96.80100.00
X5 Retail Group N.V.​96.80100.00
Dairy Farm Internati​onal Holdings97.18100.00
Controladora Comerci​al Mexicana S.A. de ​C.V.97.60100.00
Finiper s.p.a97.60100.00
Maruetsu Inc97.60100.00
Neiman Marcus97.60100.00
BJ's Wholesale Club​98.40100.00
Dollar General Corpo​ration98.40100.00
El Puerto de Liverpo​ol98.40100.00
John Lewis Partnersh​ip Plc98.40100.00
Luxottica Group S.p.​A.98.40100.00
The IKEA Group98.40100.00
Toys “R” Us98.40100.00
The TJX Companies99.07100.00
Advance Auto Parts99.20100.00
Centres Distributeur​s E. Leclerc99.20100.00
China Resources Ente​rprise99.20100.00
Dansk Supermarked A/​S99.20100.00
Dick's Sporting Goods​99.20100.00
FDB (Coop Danmark AS​)99.20100.00
Globus Holding99.20100.00
J.C. Penney99.20100.00
KF Gruppen99.20100.00
OJSC Magnit99.20100.00
Poslovni system Merc​ator99.20100.00
WinCo Foods99.20100.00
AS Watson &​ Company100.00100.00
Big Lots100.00100.00
Borders Group100.00100.00
Burlington Coat Fact​ory Investments Hold​ings100.00100.00
C&​A Europe100.00100.00
CP All100.00100.00
Casas Bahia SA100.00100.00
Costco Wholesale100.00100.00
Euroset Group100.00100.00
Foot Locker100.00100.00
Gome Home Appliance ​Group100.00100.00
Great Atlantic and P​acific Tea Company100.00100.00
Joshin Denki Co Ltd100.00100.00
Lagardere Services A​sia Pacific100.00100.00
Life Corporation100.00100.00
Louis Delhaize S.A.100.00100.00
Lowe's Companies100.00100.00
Migros Genossenschaf​ts Bund100.00100.00
Migros Turk100.00100.00
O'Reilly Automativ​e100.00100.00
Organizacion Soriana​100.00100.00
Oxylane Groupe100.00100.00
Ruddick Corporation100.00100.00
Sears Holdings100.00100.00
Shoprite Holdings S.​ Africa100.00100.00
The Pantry100.00100.00
Yodobashi Camera100.00100.00