A first for web managers – benchmark to assist decision making

05 Dec 2012

For the last decade, the unique quarterly Index publications from Sitemorse have provided an up-to –the- minute snapshot of the best and brightest websites in both the public and private sectors, with insight into which are passing – and failing - vital tests in performance, compliance, and accessibility.

Now, building on the Industry standard benchmarking we have been offering across the FTSE, Local and Central Government, Retail, Life Sciences and many other sectors, we are planning a report ranking sites by their relevant Content Management Systems (CMS) and - where known - their service providers / agencies.

Producing a website from scratch is often made even more complicated because of the bewildering choice both of design and production agencies and web content management systems.

Web managers are faced with a large number of competing claims from agencies and CMS vendors, each promising their solution is the best, but until now there has never been a way to find independent and consistent advice to help establish the best product for the job.

Now Sitemorse’s ITT Support/Vendor Verification product will review real projects and assess what’s actually being delivered , and will answer questions such as “ does the CMS prevent accessibility errors, broken links and other functional problems, and does it match up to quoted claims?”.

Sitemorse CEO Lawrence Shaw commented: “ With an enormous range of products on the market for managing websites, the one thing that is often lacking for web managers is a comparison. They have been able to talk to their own contacts to get an idea of what has worked for others, but the market has been lacking a truly independent verification of the various claims being made.

“Our real-world testing will be able to offer good advice on what the best products are available to support web managers and, like our other web benchmarks, we can back it up with evidence” he added.

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