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Spelling and Snapshot

Monday, 15th August 2011: We have today enhanced Sitemorse Snapshot by including the results from the Spelling module in the Snapshot report.

All Sitemorse users have unlimited access to run Instant Snapshot on any website, running our full range of tests, checks and measures on the page in only a few seconds. If your subscription includes the Spelling module then any time you test a page on a site covered by this subscription (for example your own home page) we will include the results of the Spelling module in the Snapshot.

The Spelling icon displays a green tick if all the words visible on the page, the page metadata and any accessibility "alt" text was found in the relevant language dictionaries or your own custom word list.

If one of more words are unknown to us a red cross is displayed. Clicking this icon presents a list of the unknown words and a snippet of context. Users with Snapshot Developer edition are also told the line number of the source code and the HTML tag the word was found in.

If the word is correct, such as a company name or part of internal terminology you can click the add button to add it to your default custom word list. Following this decision future tests of the same site will ignore the word.

This enhancement is also available for any standard Sitemorse report. Each time we check a site for you (including weekly audits, adaptive page monitoring and ad hoc testing) we store the Snapshot of the page. Spelling results will now be included in the Snapshot window.

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