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Broken link reporting

Monday 9th May 2011: In response to feedback we have expanded and simplified the way we display broken links in the Function area of a Sitemorse report.

The new page layout is designed to be clearer to first time users which page is broken and which page(s) needs attention. As well as telling you the HTML tag and link content we now also include the line number. In the case of a PDF file we will now tell you which page on the PDF that the link was found on.

Many of you have been using Snapshot for some time to locate and fix broken links. So we've made this even easier by giving you direct access to the Snapshot - both Page and Source view - next to each broken link. Just click the blue icon to locate the problem link on your own, familiar, page.

One change our advanced users will notice is that previously if a broken link was found on the same page more than once we reported it just once (both errors were counted in calculating your Sitemorse score). This caused a little confusion when thinking you'd corrected the error when only one had been fixed. To resolve this we now list each individual broken link, together with the line number, tag name and content and Snapshot views.

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