Introduction- control and confidence

We've all experienced poor websites — in nearly 10 years of operation and some 23,979,790,603 checks performed we have found there to be three main areas that can be improved to help reduce online exposure:

  • Historic 'old' content — understand what's really online, after years of adding content, tags, changing CMSes — all sorts has been left 'hanging around'.
  • Fragmentation — there are a myriad of standards, tools and testing carried out, all against varying levels of capability.
  • User Support — there are many technical standards and compliance rules (brand, accessibility, SEO, etc) and it is impossible to train for every one, and keep them all up to date.

Taking this into account, we have developed a 3-stage methodology to provide (within 6 weeks, normally taking only an hour a day) both a framework and the detail to ensure Internet / Intranet sites are performing and not exposing you to unnecessary risk.

Based on where you are with current online operations (CMS selection / implementation / live site), Sitemorse offers a range of services to support you: