About us

Sitemorse offers independent, authoritative and accountable software to ensure the quality, compliance, performance, availability and compatibility of your web estate. Sitemorse is delivered as a web service and does not require any client setup or management.

At the point of creation or change of content we ensure it measures up to required standards and meets your quality criteria.

  • Content Management Systems cannot do this — they only view the raw site components from the "inside", rather than the final published output, use only very limited checks, and they aren't proactive.
  • Manual checking takes at least quarter of an hour per page, and is unreliable.
  • 'Free' tools lack usage standards, reporting standards and depth.

At the UAT / pre-launch stage we thoroughly check your site whilst offering benchmarking against key industry, peer and competitor sites. We empower you to:

  • provide measurable and accountable standards for suppliers (internal and/or external) to work and deliver against
  • audit deliverables and ensure the work measures up against quality, compliance (brand, accessibility, legislative, technical, etc) and compatibility requirements.

At the ITT / tender / supplier-selection stage we offer an independent review and confidential benchmark, providing you with a unique and trusted level of verification and validation.

At the start of your migration project we deliver the world's only solution to review, catalogue and report across all the elements that make up the entirety of your web estate. We prioritise corrective action and limit resource requirements to only those 'fixes' that provide the greatest benefit based on your criteria for content migration (quality, compliance, compatibility, etc).

To ensure the ongoing quality and compliance of your presence, we offer monitoring (by the second, minute, hour, day, month and year) to continually ensure the site meets your requirements for:

  • availability
  • compatibility
  • quality
  • compliance
  • performance
  • 3rd-party components
  • brand

When a page is live, it will never operate in isolation — many things can cause problems...

Our services provide:

  • measurable web confidence,
  • a return on investment within 6–9 weeks of engagement,
    (and thereafter ongoing accountable savings — for a global web estate, potentially £millions)
  • reduction in your on-line risk,
  • assurance against 3rd-party failure,
  • prevention of brand dilution.