About Sitemorse and our Digital Governance Service

Sitemorse was founded over a decade ago and first built its reputation on the success of launching arguably the first automated website auditing (the precursor to Digital Governance) service. Over the years, the company has continued to develop its automated technology, accompanying them with methodologies and service offerings to enhance increasing expectations and demands of its clients and their ever-expanding digital operations.

The company supports organisations that wish to replace 'hope' with 'confidence' that all digital channels (websites, social page and mobile) are fully optimised, within compliance requirements and on brand; their investment meets the latest in-country rules, regulations and standards; and the confidence that their online channels will perform perfectly at all times for all visitors - in so demonstrating Digital Governance is firmly in place.

Essentially, Sitemorse 'Digital Governance' looks to improve efficiency and protect its clients' online presence. It does this by replacing manual checking procedures and processes and augmenting existing CMS, software and systems with Software as a Service (SaaS) to drive agile publishing and continuous assessment across everything digital. This results in an improved customer online experience, reduced internal cost – editors are empowered, managers are in control and the organisation has confidence across all digital channels.

Sitemorse is a British based company with UK support teams and its head office in central London. The firm works in partnership with clients worldwide, delivering and supporting varying Digital Governance contracts ranging from those with a single site and a social page or two, through to enterprises that are globally based with thousands of sites. Services are available on a self-managed or fully supported basis.

Sitemorse have helped hundreds of enterprises from industry, commerce and the public sector, including many major corporations. The Sitemorse INDEX is the only recognised independent Digital Governance / sector benchmark – supporting the UK Gov. "Better Connected" report for some 13 years, along with the World Retail Congress for some 7 years.

Sitemorse is registered in England, the company is 100% privately owned with no external investors - staff being the shareholders. We have no bank borrowings and year on year have a cash positive position.